Bow Wow Garden

ペットホテル バウワウガーデン


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Business Hours 9:00-18:00
(Late Check In/Out 18:00-20:00)
English Language Assistance 090-3599-1009
4-2-9 Kajinocho, Koganei-shi,Tokyo 184-0002
FAX    :0422-38-1148


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Notice: This reservation form is for members only.
If you would like to register, we recommend you to visit us first.
Please contact us (by phone: 0422-38-1122) for a visit.

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Please note that Bow Wow Garden is unable to book your reservation without your declaration of the date on which Frontline has been, or will be, administered. Frontline is an anti-flea/ticks medical agent, and is effective only for a month. Therefore we must confirm that one of the medicines of the kind has been administered within 30 days prior to the guest dog's "check-out" date. The other medical agents known in general are; Advantage and Centinel.

Also, please update your dog's vaccination shots required every year, not only that of rabies but 7 or 8 combined vaccines.

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