Bow Wow Garden

ペットホテル バウワウガーデン


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Business Hours 9:00-18:00
(Late Check In/Out 18:00-20:00)
English Language Assistance 090-3599-1009
4-2-9 Kajinocho, Koganei-shi,Tokyo 184-0002
FAX    :0422-38-1148


Q: Is the registration required in person?
A:Yes, we would like you to come and see our place so that you may feel more secure while you are away leaving your pet here.

Q:Does the registration form have to be completely filled out?
A:Yes. The more detail mentioned, the better we should be able to take care of your pet.

Q:Are pick-up/return services always available? Any rules/conditions?
A:Pick-up service is available only after 18:00 every weekday without an exact time arrangement. There are some conditions and restrictions as well. Please check the section in this homepage, and make sure your pet is qualified.

Q:Is there any case of not being able to register the dogs/cats?
A:Yes, please read the section carefully. But in the case of dogs, if you can let him/her play with other dogs in the park, there shouldn't be any problem that we should worry about.

Q: In what case are the pets unable to check-in?
A:Sickness and injury that requires continuous vet's care, etc. Please read the section carefully.

Q:How would you decide class/size of the dogs? By weight?
A:By species. The size would be considered if your pet is unusually small or large as the regularly known standard of the species. In the case of mixed species, we apply the closest specy that we have in our chart.

Q:Is a baby dog considered a smaller size regarding the rates?
A:Basically no. Baby dogs need more care and skinship than the mature dogs.

Q:Are check-in/out available only during 9:00 to 18:00?
A:Off business hours check in/out are available with off-hour handling charge of \2000 for 8:00-9:00 and 18:00-20:00. Please see our rate card.

Q:What should I bring with my pet at check-in?
A:You should not bring small and/or fragile toys, etc. unless you are all right to have them lost or broken. You should bring in something that has a scent of your home, which will sometimes make your pet feel more at home.

Q:How would you walk the dogs? How long and how often?
A:We walk your dog more than any other hotel of this kind since we know it is the best opportunity to truly communicate with your dog and let him/her trust us. We walk our guest twice a day unless the weather is quite unfavorable. The distance depends upon what each dog needs, but for instance, we walk a regular sized Lab about 3 miles per walk.

Q: Is reservation always necessary?
A:Basically yes. We need to prepare for your pet's check in, considering the already staying dogs and cats.

Q:How would you contact us in case my pet gets sick during the stay?
A:As long as you have left the emergency contact in our form, we would let you know in case of any serious health problem occurs. However, the priority would be always a contact with a proper doctor, and both of us should know you wouldn't be able to do much in such a case.

Q: Is your medical service available 24 hours?
A:Yes. However, it is very difficult to find our guest being in trouble unless he/she cries a lot, etc., and we don't look inside every cage as it would rather bother the guests in their sleep. Actually 18 hours' available medical care should be sufficient and realistic.

Q:Are cash and credit card only the acceptable way of payment? Are there any card that can't be accepted?
A:We accept cash or credit card. In the case of returning your pet to your house, it will be difficult to accept your card. Also, we would appreciate it if you let us know in advance when you would like to pay us by credit card.